Authoring My Life, Inventing A Possibility

Authoring My Life and Inventing A Possibility

Authoring My Life

This past weekend I attended a workshop that shows you how to create mastery in living an extraordinary life. The organization’s promise to everyone, to those who fully participate, is that you will leave with an authoritative capacity to make possible what once seemed impossible and experience complete freedom. Through their transformative learning approach, which is based on ontology, the branch of metaphysics dealing with the nature of being, you will be able to remove any obstacles that stands in your way.

Anyway, as a result of my experience, I will now be producing a collection of statements called "Inventing A Possibility." Without going into detail, the general concept that I walked away with is that ALL WE REALLY HAVE is our word and that our word is powerful because it allows us to create our universe, literally. Furthermore, our word is worthless if not shared and thus I will be communicating my word in person to my social structure (i.e., family, friends, etc.) but also publicity here on my blog. These declarations will be organized under the category of "Inventing A Possibility" and any supporting or associated entries will be filled under "Authoring My Life."

So to kick it off, here is my first publicly posted possibility…

Inventing A Possibility

An area in where I have a loss of power, freedom, and self-expression is in my finances and financial security.

I have been pretending that my finances are and will be okay or that one day they will just work themselves out or that I’ll get lucky by winning the lottery or successful with one of my businesses concepts (i.e., a windfall). I have been inauthentic and unrealistic with myself and those who have relied on me for financial support or those who are important to me (i.e., family, friends, partners, etc.)—and all because I continue to tell myself that I’m a victim of my past or current circumstances.

When in fact I’ve been ignoring the responsibilities that are in front of me—that of managing the finances and bills I currently have. Furthermore, I am failing to create or obtain a viable source of “reliable” income necessary to meet my day-to-day needs and stabilize my current situation. To restate this, I’ve not been honoring my word when it comes to my finances and my responsibilities.

The impact of this inauthentic way of being and acting is creating stress, costing me my ability to enjoy my own life, this world and what it has to offer, healthier and deeper relationships, and it disempowers me from achieving some my desires which is to be self-employed and to help others do the same.

The whole time that I’ve been being and acting this way, what’s been missing is any sense of peace, a positive outlook on life, connections, security, and freedom.

So standing there, in this way of being and acting, the possibility I am inventing for myself and my life is to be fulfilled and content with my finances as well as to be happy and excited with what life has to offer.


Speeding Ticket X 2

Went Snowboarding…

So the ski and snowboarding season here in Colorado has almost come to a close. And because I decided to buy an Epic Local Pass for the 2015-2016 season I thought it would be in my best interest to get one last day of riding in with my buddy to justify the cost of the pass.

Snowboarding in Breckenridge, Colorado
Snowboarding in Breckenridge, Colorado

The Beginning…

So my buddy and I decided to head to Breckenridge (a.k.a. Breck) on Friday, April 22nd, 2016 to have a last hoorah. The weather for that day was mostly sunny and I think the temperature even got up to about 50 degrees. The snow on the runs started out great but as the day warmed up it became slushy. However if you stayed above tree-line the conditions were decent and we both had a blast! Thanks buddy, I needed that.

Anyhow, our typical routine was to leave Denver at around 6:55am so that we could get a good parking spot and be on the lift by 9am; thus allowing us to take-off just after 1pm and beat any traffic that typically arises in the afternoon (it’s become a common and notorious issue over the last few years). Overall we got off to a good start, we were having good conversations catching up, and we were making good time and we were about to go snowboarding, W00T! Then just as we were about to get there I was pulled over and given a speeding ticket, boo!!!

The Story…

Basically I was going with the flow of traffic (as one should do) and about to come out of the famous I-70 Eisenhower tunnel (heading west towards Silverthorne) roughly at the speed of 60 mph. Fundamentally I, and the group of vehicles that I was clustered with, was going faster then the posted speed limit of 55 mph (which is a stupid speed limit in my opinion for a Interstate Highway when the roads are in good condition, weather was beautiful, and traffic was at a minimum). Nonetheless, as we came out of the tunnel and started to descend downhill we all naturally picked up speed due to gravity. At this point I estimate that I was going about 65 mph after about a half-mile. Then just around the bend there happened to be a Highway State Patrol just sitting there with his radar/laser gun. And because I was the last one in the pack of cars guess who he decided to pull-over and ticket for going 67 mph (i.e., that 12 mph over the posted speed limit)?

I pleaded with the officer and told him that I was just going with the flow of traffic and was going down hill. Yet despite the begging, I was still issued a two-point ticket which costed me $180 (but only if I paid it within 20 days, otherwise it was going to double in points and cost). Furthermore, as the officer was handling me the ticket he said we was going to be nice and reduce the indicated speed of my vehicle by 4 mph to 63 mph and from a four-point ticket to a two-point ticket. Needless to say it bummed me out since I had just lost my job and the extra $180 wasn’t in the budget, plus all the additional costs that will come later when my auto insurance goes up because of the points. BLAH!!!

Dang It! Another Speeding Ticket…

Yup, just three weeks later, I decided to take on a gig delivering mother’s day gifts for mother’s day weekend and earn the $180 for the first ticket. But while on route, in an area I was unfamiliar with and on a back road, out in the country, I got tagged again for going 12 mph over. Unfortunately, the cop didn’t even care that I was unfamiliar with the area and that I was just trying to do a job making mothers happy that day.

He issued me a four-point ticket after telling me he thought I deserved more and that I was reckless!!! Dam it, you’re an asshole Mr. small town country cop!

Now feeling screwed by the universe. I can’t (at this time) even surmise how I’m going to afford the cost of another ticket let alone the increased insurance rates if my insurance company keeps me. I just hope it wont force me to sell my car. Which by the way is a 2010 Mazda MazdaSpeed3 (they don’t make these kind of cars anymore). Here is a picture of it before I added a roof-rack to hold my snowboard and bike. It’s a very zippy car and it’s a ton of fun to drive stock.

2010 Mazda MazdaSpeed3
2010 Mazda MazdaSpeed3

Indoor Skydiving

An Adventure For The Those Afraid of Falling!

If you are afraid of heights or falling but don’t want to lose out on that experience of actually flying (you known…like those dreams you had as a kid) then consider trying out indoor skydiving! It is an adventure that you wont ever forget and it is completely safe because it is within a reliable and controllable environment.

As for me, I am personally not at all afraid of heights or falling. In fact, I’ve gone and done the real thing at 10,000+ feet above sea-level and I absolutely loved it despite that fact that I could have died that day from doing a flip over our own deployed canopy; but I will save that amazing and crazy story for another day.

Mateo At iFLY Denver Indoor Skydiving - Fly in our Indoor Wind Tunnel
Mateo At iFLY Denver Indoor Skydiving

So being a trill seeker of adrenaline pumping escapades, why did I decided to try indoor skydiving?

Simple answer…because I was giving the opportunity. Last night, after my seminar session at Landmark one of our group members, who happens to be a skydiving instructor, offered us an all exclusive experience to come check it out…and wow, I had a ton of fun! I think everyone there had smiles that hurt their faces when it was all over.

So what happened, what should I expect?

We arrived, filled out some waivers, checked in to some touchscreen kiosks and then we where directed up to the training room. In the training room a certified flight instructor guided us through some basic maneuvers, body positions, and hand signals so that we could communicate inside the vertical wind tunnel. Following that, we got suited into our flight gear (i.e., a helmet, ear plugs, googles, and a jump suit). Once everyone was dressed we headed over to the flight chamber where one-by-one we each got to learn how to fall…I mean fly. Have a look at the video of my experience below.

Overall, I highly recommend going. And if you happen to be in Denver, ask for my buddy Byron who works at iFly Indoor Skydiving in Denver.