Indoor Skydiving

An Adventure For The Those Afraid of Falling!

If you are afraid of heights or falling and don’t want to lose out on that experience of actually flying (like those dreams you had as a kid) then consider trying out indoor skydiving! It is an adventure that you won’t ever forget and it is completely safe because it is within a reliable and controllable environment.

As for me, I am personally not at all afraid of heights or falling. In fact, I’ve gone and done the real thing at 10,000+ feet above sea-level and I absolutely loved it despite that fact that I could have died that day from doing a flip over our own deployed canopy; but I will save that amazing and crazy story for another day.

Mateo At iFLY Denver Indoor Skydiving - Fly in our Indoor Wind Tunnel
Mateo At iFLY Denver Indoor Skydiving

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