Speeding Ticket Times Two

Went Snowboarding…

So the ski and snowboarding season here in Colorado has almost come to a close. And because I decided to buy an Epic Local Pass for the 2015-2016 season I thought it would be in my best interest to get one last day of riding in with my buddy to justify the cost of the pass.

Snowboarding in Breckenridge, Colorado
Snowboarding in Breckenridge, Colorado

The Beginning…

So my buddy and I decided to head to Breckenridge (a.k.a. Breck) on Friday, April 22nd, 2016 to have a last hoorah. The weather for that day was mostly sunny and I think the temperature even got up to about 50 degrees. The snow on the runs started out great but as the day warmed up it became slushy. However, if you stayed above tree-line the conditions were decent and we both had a blast! Thanks, buddy, I needed that.

Anyhow, our typical routine was to leave Denver at around 6:55 am so that we could get a good parking spot and be on the lift by 9 am; thus allowing us to take-off just after 1 pm and beat any traffic that typically arises in the afternoon (it’s become a common and notorious issue over the last few years).

Overall we got off to a good start, we were having good conversations catching up, and we were making good time and we were about to go snowboarding, W00T! Then just as we were about to get there I was pulled over and given a speeding ticket, boo-who!!!

The Story…

Basically I was going with the flow of traffic (as one should do) and about to come out of the famous I-70 Eisenhower tunnel (heading west towards Silverthorne) roughly at the speed of 60 mph. Fundamentally I, and the group of vehicles that I was clustered with, was going faster than the posted speed limit of 55 mph (which is a stupid speed limit in my opinion for a Interstate Highway when the roads are in good condition, weather was beautiful, and traffic was at a minimum). Nonetheless, as we came out of the tunnel and started to descend downhill we all naturally picked up speed due to gravity. At this point I estimate that I was going about 65 mph only after about a half-mile. Then just around the bend, there happened to be a Highway State Patrol just sitting there with his speed trap. And because I was the last one in the pack of cars guess who he decided to pull over and give a ticket for going 67 mph (i.e., that 12 mph over the posted speed limit)? Yup, me.

I pleaded with the officer and told him that I was just going with the flow of traffic and was going down hill. Yet despite the begging, I was still issued a two-point ticket which costed me $180 (but only if I paid it within 20 days, otherwise it was going to double in points and cost). Furthermore, as the officer was handling me the ticket he said we was going to be nice and reduce the indicated speed of my vehicle by 4 mph to 63 mph and from a four-point ticket to a two-point ticket (ghee-whiz thanks). Needless to say it bummed me out and the extra $180 wasn’t in the budget, plus all the additional costs that will come later when my auto insurance goes up because of the points. BLAH!!!

Dang It! Another Speeding Ticket…

Yup, just three weeks later, I decided to take on a gig delivering mother’s day gifts for mother’s day weekend and earn the $180 for the first ticket. But while on route, in an area I was unfamiliar with, and on a back road, out in the country, I got tagged again for going 12 mph over. Unfortunately, the cop didn’t even care that I was unfamiliar with the area and that I was just trying to do a job making mothers happy that day.

He issued me a four-point ticket after telling me he thought I deserved more and that I was reckless!!! Dam it, you’re an asshole Mr. small town country cop!

Now feeling screwed by the universe. I can’t (at this time) even surmise how I’m going to afford the cost of another ticket on my super tight budget.

In Summary

I know I vented a bit in this post and I’m sorry if I generated some negative energy. Yet there are certain occasions in life when it feels good to let it out.

In the end, I was at fault and I should have been more careful. The moral of this story is, that we are all in control of our own actions and need to take responsibility for them.

Additional, these moments were just brief moments in my overall life and I let them affect my happiness. Sometimes, when you’re out of tune with yourself the world tries to bring you back.

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